Do you know someone who wants to help with the Rail Trail?

Mike Hurley wrote the following: I need help. I just met with Kristen Lindquist of Coastal Mountains Land Trust and she asked me to help her. But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. The City of Belfast is on a fast track to build the Belfast Rail Trail from the downtown edge of Penobscot McCrumm Potato plant under the tall Route One bridge nearly two miles to where the rail crosses Oak Hill Road next to the City Point Rail Museum and yard. The trail will be wide, packed granite dust and perfect for walkers, strollers, bikes, runners, cross country skiing, etc. Construction is planned to be started in spring of 2014 and completed next summer. The trail will share the north end with the rail yard.

Coastal Mountains Land Trust cares for a number of important Belfast properties that are near the Rail Trail. CMLT has pledged to raise the entire funds needed to construct the rail trail, build rest rooms and parking at the north end, and gather funds to care for the trail. But they need help. Kristen asked me who to suggest to help them by joining the committee but I recognized that I know a lot of people but I don’t know everyone who would want to be a part of this effort. This is where I need your help. Do you want to help CMLT and Belfast in this exciting fast project? Would you like to be a part of this? Do you know someone who you think would like to help? Do you know someone who’d like to support the project? Please share this to your Facebook page send me a private message, an email at, or call me at 338-1975. Please spread the word and let’s get walking! Thank you for your help.


2 Responses to “Do you know someone who wants to help with the Rail Trail?”

  1. Neill Peterson Says:

    This is a project for which I could volunteer a number of hours, especially in the spring after the x-c skiing is over. Think early March. It depends somewhat on what work is coming our way.

    Thanks for all you do, and Theresa too

    Neill Peterson

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